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 We are a team of paranormal investigators from Lexington, North Carolina. Our team consists of four full-time members and several people who help out on larger investigations. We use different tools and methods to try and prove or disprove of paranormal activity. We take a professional approach to our work. This is not all fun and games for us. We are serious about our investigations and the paranormal field. SRS is a Christian based group, we believe that only the power of Jesus Christ can release people from demonic influence. Please contact us at [email protected] if you need our help.




Michael Lane: Founder/Lead Investigator

Michael has been involved with paranormal research for many years. He formed SRS in 2008 along with his two brothers. (Colton and Cory Duncan) 

Michael was the victim of a Demonic type haunting that changed his life forever. He gives all the glory to Jesus Christ for winning the battle with the demonic. Ever since dealing with this he has set out to help others that are experiencing any paranormal phenomena. Michael is a phlebotomist by day. He also teaches phlebotomy at a local community college.

Demonology is the field that Michael likes to study most. He feels that he is called to this because of his own past in dealing with this kind of activity.

Michael has recently started a Paranormal Research and Investigation Course at Davidson County Community College.  

Through Jesus Christ you can overcome anything! 

Robert L Wood: Pastor/Part-time Investigator

Robert has been with SRS since 2010. He has helped on many demonic spirit cases. He enjoys helping people and being able to see people be renewed with the love of Christ. He has performed (through Christ) many property blessings/cleansings. Robert continues to be a big part of SRS, he makes us a better team.



Maranda Elwood: Paranormal Investigator

Maranda has been with SRS since February 2015. She has been interested in the paranormal since she was a child. SRS is happy to have Maranda on board. She brings with her a strong desire to help others and find the truth.






The following people play a huge part in helping us out! 




Caroline Perrine-Jackson: Caroline heads up a company called Binary Benefits. You can find out more about it here:



Caroline and her team of professionals film SRS during investigations. They use high quality equipment and take what they do very serious. Caroline is a big fan of the paranormal field and she is currently working on a show called "The Legendary South." The show will feature our team as we investigate different legends and hauntings through out the south.


Diannia Baty: (Psychic/Medium)

Diannia has worked with SRS several times and has always been a great help to us. She has a passion for helping people and finding the truth. 

   -Please note that SRS does not necessarily have or share the same beliefs with or about Psychics- 



We would like to thank all the people who help us on our investigations.....Thank you all very much!!!!



SRS would like to thank Cole Taylor for being a part of the team. We wish you well on your journey in the Army! 


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