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                                     -PARANORMAL GLOSSARY-

AGENT: When dealing with hauntings the "agent" is the ghost/spirit and or demons causing the paranormal activity.

ALLOTRIOPHAGY: An unknown matter that protrudes out of the mouth. A substance not normally found in the human body. Usually seen when dealing with the "possessed".

BANISHING: To force or drive out a unwanted spirit from a person or place.

BLACK MASS: A mass made as a mockery of the traditional Christian mass. Usually held by members of the church of satan, or so called witches.

CHANNELING: The process in which a medium allows a spirit to communicate through him or her.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: Being able to gather and hear sounds that are out of the natural range of hearing.

CLAIRVOYANCE: Being able to get information on events out of the natural range of vision. Also, seeing inside the mind of another person.

CRYPTOZOOLOGY: The science and or study of beings/creatures that have yet to be proven to exist.

CURSE: A formula or charm thought up or created to do harm to a person or place.

DELIVERANCE: The Christian word meaning the same as exorcism. To deliver someone from the sprit or demonic force that is causing the possession. Roman Rituals not used with a deliverance.

DEMON: An evil supernatural being. Demons can cause harm to humans and are smart beings.

DEJA VU: Feeling as if you are doing/seeing something that you have experienced before.

ECTOPLASM: A substance that is either solid or vaporous. Ectoplasm is said to be able to extrude from the mouth or body of a medium. Some say it can be transformed into spirits, faces, limbs, or whole bodies. It is also believed that ectoplasm was only a trick used by early mediums in order to sway people to use them.

ESP (Extrasensory Perception): The ability to perceive information with the mind, without using the five senses.

GANZFELD EXPERIMENT: An experiment that is supposed to bring the person into a state of sensory deprivation. You do this by placing halved ping-pong balls over the eyes. Cover the ears to mask out outside sounds, while playing white noise.

HAUNTING: Paranormal activity such as spirits, apparitions, unexplained sounds, or moving objects that are consistent to a particular location.

IMPRINT: Spirit activity that seems to be stuck in time. It continues to happen the same way at the same time over and over again.

INCUBUS: A male demonic spirit that is said to have sexual intercourse with women during sleep.

INVOKING: To try to invite or bring out a spirit during a ritual.

LEYLINES: Invisible lines that have been mapped out using dowsing rods. They are known to carry streams of energy.

LUCID DREAMING: Having control over your dreams and being aware that a dream is a dream.

MIRROR: A mirror is said to be used as a gateway for spirits to pass through.

NECROMANCY: To call up or consult spirits.

OCCULT: The word occult means to "hide" or "hidden". This is usually a group of people that practice magic or sorcery and even witchcraft, etc.

OUIJA BOARD: A device or game consisting of a planchette on legs. The planchette rest on top of a large board that is marked with numbers and letters. It is said that spirits can move the planchette to the letters on the board to try and communicate with the living. (((WARNING: DO NOT USE A OUIJA BOARD)))

PARANORMAL: Events that happen with no scientific explanation. Things that happen that defy the laws of science.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY: A branch of psychology that deals with spirits, psychic phenomena, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. (PSI)

RAPS: An unexplained sound heard while dealing with poltergeist activity.

RESIDUAL: The same event repeating over and over again.

SLEEP PARALYSIS (AKA OLD HAG SYNDROME): This is when you feel as if you are awake but your body can not move no matter how hard you try. Sleep paralysis may leave you feeling very scared. You may see or hear things that are not really there.

SUCUBUS: A female demonic spirit that is said to have sexual intercourse with males during sleep.

TELEPATHY: Being able to communicate through one mind to another. Mind to mind communication, without using any of your senses.

WHITE NOISE: Random noise from a wide range of frequencies usually sounding like static.

WITCHCRAFT: To practice sorcery or magic.

XENOGLOSSY: A paranormal phenomenon in which a person can speak or write a language that they do not know and could not be acquired by natural means.


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