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  Disclaimer: Please note that we can only post about investigations that we have received written authorization to write about on our website.


            On this page we will tell you about some of our investigations


 The Place:  An undisclosed church in Davidson County.

The Legend: A woman in white roams the halls of this church. She seems to be a caretaker from the past. Several members have seen her and heard her footsteps. She turns on lights and moves furniture.

  We were told about this church by several of its members. The church has been a part of Davidson County since the 1800's. Most of the people that had experienced something said that what they saw was a woman in a white dress. Many members heard footsteps and felt strange sensations. One member even saw the "Lady in White" flowing down the hallway as he was working in his office. This particular member followed (what he thought was a real woman) to the staircase. He watched her go down the steps and then vanish into thin air. At this point he was so scared that he ran out and traveled to another member's house that lived near by. When the other member came out to see what was wrong, they could tell that he was visibly shaken. Another person has seen "The Lady in White" show up in the reflection of her computer screen, only to turn around and see nothing there. Lights appear to turn on and doors appear to open with no explanation?????

Our team went in around 8:00pm, after a brief walkthrough with one of the members we stopped in the hallway of the church to talk about some of the claims that people had. At that time, the lights at the other end of the hallway cut on by themselves with no explanation what so ever! We quickly ran to the other side to try and debunk what happened. When we got there we seen there was only one light switch and it was actually pretty hard to flip up. There was really no way to debunk what had happened, no shortages in the wires, no one else there....nothing?

After setting up our equipment, we started investigating around 9:00pm. We had three investigators on this case. Colton, Cory and myself (Michael). We first did a sweep of the church with our EMF meters to get a base reading. Our readings showed a 0.2 to 0.5 throughout the building (nothing out of the ordinary). After our base reading we started the actual investigation. We decided to go together for the first walk through. The investigation started off slow with nothing significant happening except for a few knocks and bangs. After about 90 minutes together we headed back to our base which was in a newer part of the church. We then decided to split up. Colton and Cory went together and I went by myself.

Once we were split up Colton and Cory went upstairs and then on to the attic area, I went to the basement. As I was in the basement doing an EVP session I distinctly heard footsteps right above my head. It just happened to be the very same hallway that the apparition of the "Lady in White" is often seen and heard on.  I immediately called my team on our two-way radios. I asked Colton and Cory if they were on the hallway above me.......they were nowhere close. I then heard the footsteps again as if they turned around and walked back from where they came from. After hearing this I ran up the steps to see if I could catch a glimpse of something, but nothing was there. Luckily we set one of our camcorders, with night vision, looking straight down that very same hallway. We immediately reviewed our footage and found that whatever it was, wasn't caught on tape, but you could hear everything clearly. Whatever it was, it was obviously intelligent. It seemed to have walked up to our camcorder then stopped and paused. Our camcorder actually moved a bit as if it was touched. Then whatever it was turned around and walked back from where it came.

Later we met back up at base and decided to do a group EVP session. After spending a lot of time asking questions we decided to head into the chapel to take some photographs. We saw what we thought was an orb and we took several pictures of it as it floated from the side of the chapel to the balcony and then vanished.

After a long night of investigating we decided to wrap up and go home. The next day we reviewed our pictures and EVP sessions. We had several orb like objects to show up in our photos. However SRS is not convinced that orbs are rock solid evidence because too many things can cause them to appear in pictures.

Upon reviewing our EVP sessions we did get a solid answer on one of the questions that we asked. We got a very distinct "hello" from what seemed to be a woman's voice.

After all is said and done I think we captured some very good evidence. Through personal experiences and evidence together, we do believe that the church has some mild paranormal activity.



The Place: The Old Brian Center in Lexington NC

The Legend: For years people have claimed that deceased patients haunt The Brian Center.

SRS worked long and hard to be able to get into the old Brian Center building. It was a dream come true when we were finally granted permission do an investigation there. The night started out with a walk through where we measured the base EMF readings which showed nothing unusual.

As we were setting up our equipment we heard lots of noises, some which were normal and some which were not so normal. The SRS crew, Michael Lane, Colton Duncan, Cory Duncan and Cole Taylor, was excited to get things rolling.

Michael and Cole went to investigate the west wing of the building, while Colton and Cory went to the east wing to start their own investigation. Michael and Cole started with a EVP session and brought along their K-2 meter. The first 30 minutes did not turn up any evidence so the two moved to a different location further down the hall.

Meanwhile, Colton and Cory were hearing weird noises and possible footsteps in the east wing of the building. Michael and Cole continued to ask questions and look for responses from the K-2 meter. It was not long before the K-2 decided to light up in response to questions asked by the two. The responses to Michael and Cole died off after another 20 minutes or so.

The SRS crew was headed back toward the middle of the building where they decided to form a group EVP session in one of the larger rooms. During the EVP session the team heard many unexplained noises that came from every direction. A black mass was seen heading down the hallway and seconds later the motion sensor sounded off as if someone walked through its infrared beams.

SRS stayed for several hours and then decided to call it a night. The next day during the evidence reveal, SRS was shocked at the many different EVP's they captured. SRS caught a clear voice telling them to GET OUT as well as a woman chanting a lullaby. A conversation was captured although the words were not very clear. Even a person asking for help.......

All in all it was a very successful investigation. The amount of evidence caught on EVP and EMF meters was enough for SRS to deem the property........HAUNTED!!!!!!!!!!!




The Place: The old Duracell Battery Building in Lexington NC

The Legend: Many employees have seen and heard unexplained things. The building was victim to a mercury spill in the early to mid 1980's. Many say that it was covered up by Duracell however this is just speculation. A local creek (Abbott's) was contaminated by the spill.  The state had to monitor the water quality for years after the spill was found. One theory suggests that people may have died from water contaminated by the spill and now they are back to haunt the place......

SRS received a call from a man which works for a company that rents the old Duracell building. The company he works for uses the building to store product which they deliver via 18 wheelers. The man was a nervous wreck as he explained the latest incident that had occurred. He said that he uses two cell phones. One for home and one for work. On this day while busy doing something in the warehouse his work phone rang. He could not get to it so he let it go to his voice mail. When he finally had his hands free he checked his phone to see who was calling. He noticed that it was a missed call from his other phone which happened to be on his hip right beside his work phone. Then he noticed that a voicemail was also left from that missed call. As he opened up his phone to check the voicemail he figured it would be the sound of him working and that it was just an accident. When he heard the voicemail he was in shock. It was a demonic voice telling him to leave the building now. Now he was freaked out over this and he decided to call us.

When we interviewed him and his coworkers we thought that they seemed very genuine. Most of them were pretty big guys that would not easily be intimidated. They told me that even before the infamous voicemail that they had heard footsteps and seen shadows walking around. One man even spoke of a woman in high heels following him and talking to him but as he turned around she vanished into thin air.

SRS was convinced that we should give the Duracell building an investigation. When we arrived we set up our equipment and did a base reading with our EMF meters. Everything was normal and so we went "lights out."

As we set out on the investigation we headed for the far end of the building and when we reached the end one of our investigators (Cole) mentioned a sharp pain. As he lifted up his shirt he had visible scratch marks up and down his side. We took several pictures in hopes of catching what it was. We found nothing on the pictures.

I decided to break off from the group and head outside to some of the access buildings. As I opened the door to the outside I heard a woman laugh at me. It was like a witchy laugh. Something you would hear on the Wizard of Oz. I looked all over the area for proof of what it may have been but found nothing. After a while I decided to call a group meeting to an area that several of us heard noises from. While we were there we heard knocking and banging from different directions. We started an EVP session and was blown away at what we found. Whitney Lane one of our investigators was standing with the voice recorder and asking questions when all of the sudden a slow growl was caught by the recorder. The slow growl turned into heavy breathing and then into a slight whimper almost as if this thing had some kind of sexual arousal? (Spirits that are known to have sexual climax with people are known as either an incubus or a succubus)

After 6 hours of investigating and numerous voices and banging noises we decided to rap it up. When we reviewed the evidence we found several EVPs of moaning and whispering. We also had many personal experiences while on site. The Duracell building gave us an eerie feeling when we arrived and it did not go away. I must say that SRS as a whole believes that it is one scary place. As for the haunted part......well the scary feeling and being haunted goes hand in hand when it comes to the Duracell building. This place has all kinds of paranormal activity. SRS has agreed that it is truly haunted.


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