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                                     -TOOLS OF THE TRADE-

We use many different tools to make our investigations complete. Here you will find out what tools/equipment we use and how they work.

CELL PHONE: Always carry one in case of an emergency.(Cell phones will cause EMF meters to fluctuate.)

FIRST AID KIT: Always think safety during your investigation. You never know when you will accidentally fall or cut yourself.

EMF METERS: (EMF meters are not ghost finders)

Please note that ghosts/spirits have never been found and measured for EMF readings therefore this method of investigating is strictly a popular theory based way of investigating the paranormal. Many things cause EMF meters to fluctuate, even when all power is off.

EMF meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density or the change in electromagnetic field over time. It is a common theory that spirits disrupt this field.

Before we start our investigation we like to scan the areas to get the initial readings. Some common things inside of homes will cause a rise in the meters as well. It's good to document these things first rather than cause confusion during the investigation. 

Here are a list of things that can give you a false positive reading during an investigation.

-Power Lines

-Cell Phones

-Alarm Clocks


-Electrical Outlets/Electrical lines running through walls or in the ceilings.


-Telephone Lines






DIGITAL CAMERA: We use digital cameras to take random photos of the areas we are investigating. (Hoping that we catch a picture of a spirit) They are very handy because they hold a lot of photos.

FLASHLIGHT: This is a no-brainer!!! We work in the dark and we need to see where we are going. While using infrared cameras we try to use flashlights with a red lens to help preserve night vision.

BATTERIES: Another no-brainer for us. Spirit activity is known to drain battery power and we need plenty of back up!

NOTE PAD/PENS: This is a good tool for logging the time and the place for activity during an investigation.

DIGITAL VOICE RECORDERS: Voice recorders are a great way to record notes. However the main reason we use these is to try to communicate with spirits. While recording we ask questions such as "who are you" or "why are you here" in hopes that we will get a response on our recorder. When we are successful in recording voices it is called EVP or "Electronic Voice Phenomena."

MOTION DETECTORS: Motion detectors are made to sense any kind of movement that happens in front of the device. We place these at "hot spot" during our investigations. If a spirit or unseen force goes through where the sensor is placed, then it will set off an alarm.

HAND HELD RADIOS: Hand helds/Walkie Talkies are a great way to communicate during investigations. But be aware that EMF meters can be set off by these devices.

INFRARED NON CONTACT THERMOMETER: These thermometers are very useful because they can be pointed in a particular direction to measure if there if a drop in temperature. A drop in temperature may be a sign of paranormal activity.

WRIST WATCH: A watch is a good tool to have so you can log the time of a event or noise.

VIDEO CAMERA: Video cameras equipped with infrared lights are a great tool to have during an investigation. Video Cameras provide us with constant surveillance of the area we are investigating. With video cameras you can capture an event from start to finish which give you the best evidence to review.

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