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                                               EPHESIANS 6:11

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

If you are, please contact us at [email protected] we will interview you to see if we should set up an investigation. We will need to do background and history checks of the place/property. After all history research is finished, we will conduct a hands-on investigation at the location of the activity. We will set up our equipment and use our tools to see if there is a logical explanation or if you are truly experiencing paranormal activity. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our investigations are FREE OF CHARGE.  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Before an investigation is granted, we will conduct an extensive phone interview. Upon arriving to the investigation destination, the owner of the property must sign consent forms, giving us permission to investigate. As well as a form for evidence distribution.

During a paranormal investigation, it is best for your home, business or property to be vacated. This enables us to properly investigate without risk of evidence contamination. We know that sometimes this is not possible. If you do stay during our investigation, please remember that it is crucial for you to be as quiet as possible.

This assures us that we will have a quality investigation with little contamination to our audio files to worry about.

Upon finishing our investigation, it can take up to two weeks to review the many hours of audio and video. If we find evidence it will be revealed to you as soon as possible.

                    OUR MISSION STATEMENT:        

  Supernatural Research Society is dedicated to finding all possible evidence and truth involved with our investigations. We are devoted to the scientific exploration of the paranormal. We are focused on helping those who come to us. We will use our highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We do not do this for a "thrill" or just for the fun of it. We are very serious about helping those in need.

 Our investigations are free of charge and we promise to protect your privacy. Should you choose to use us, your information will be kept strictly confidential. We will not release any names or addresses without written permission. We will do our best to give you a true explanation of what is happening. We will also assist you, if you wish, in ridding you of the activity. Our ultimate goal is to bring you solitude and peace of mind.

 If you ever need our help or advice after an investigation, feel free to call or  e-mail us at anytime. We are here for you.

                                                 Thank You,

                      Supernatural Research Society

                  Located in Lexington, North Carolina



                        A Most Memorable Case.....

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.


I am Michael Lane I am the founder and Lead Investigator for Supernatural Research Society. In 2010 Supernatural Research Society received a call from a woman named Melinda. Melinda had been living her life in fear. For months she had been tormented by demonic spirits. They were able to get close to her because of her dark practice of Witchcraft. Melinda first complained of an inner voice that kept telling her to “just kill yourself, you’re worthless.” She experienced this phenomena several times over several months. She knew that she had opened a doorway to an evil presence and she knew she needed help. After experiencing this she thought to herself that if she told anyone they would consider her crazy and have her put away.


One day as she walked into the local tanning salon she noticed a business card. It was advertising a paranormal team….that team was my team, Supernatural Research Society. She called us and told us about all of the evil and dark occurrences in her life. We were very concerned and began to plan an investigation.


When we questioned Melinda about her past, we found out that she had dabbled in witchcraft for a while and she now wanted to change her ways. We agreed on a date for the investigation, when that date came, we found that we were in for a night of shock.


When we arrived at Melinda’s house, we noticed that it was a simple and small single wide mobile home. She invited us in and so we decided to set and talk about her past and what she had done to get to the point of being broken down and scared to death.


She told us of her past and it was full of negative experiences, she spoke of following her friends into the world of witchcraft and dabbling with the Ouija board on many occasions. We came to the conclusion with that she had unintentionally invited something into her home and furthermore her body….


The preacher that is part of our team told us of instances where these evil spirits will do anything to drive out the good that has come to make it leave. He spoke of insects coming out of the woodwork and strange smells and other unknowns.


As we talked to Melinda we noticed that cockroaches were coming out of every corner of her house. They started falling all over the team members and before we knew it, we had to remove our equipment because there were so many of them. Melinda had not ever seen this happen before; she was embarrassed and asked us to come back at another time. I told her that we were there to help and nothing would stand in our way.


We continued to talk when all of the sudden her power completely shuts off, again Melinda said this was not normal. Melinda began to speak of a room that she would not enter, a room that felt like pure evil. The pastor and I decided to enter that room first.

Upon entering the room we felt an immediate presence of evil. It was as if you knew that darkness surrounded you on every side.  The Preacher began to intimidate the evil presence with the word of God. As he started calling on this entity to show itself, I was hit hard in the face. So hard that I bent to my knees and grabbed my face in disbelief. I had been attacked by this evil spirit.


My wife (who is also a team member) saw my face and could tell that I was in a state of confusion. She and other members said that my face was as white as snow. They all wanted me to leave. I refused to leave, I had too much on the line and I really wanted to help Melinda. I grabbed my Cross charm on my necklace and I began to pray. I asked God to protect me and give me the strength to continue the investigation. He did.


When we were over the shock of what had happened, we decided to do a walkthrough with our EMF meters. We started at the furthest point of the home and worked our way to the front. We were trying to see if there were any unordinary spikes in the EM field. The preacher decided to bless the home so he walked with us with a vile of anointing oil in hand. He would pray over each window or doorway and then anoint it with the oil.


As we left the first room our EMF meters started to go haywire. We knew we were in the presence of something. Each time the Preacher anointed a room the spike would happen again. Finally a dark black shadow appeared in the kitchen area and moved from right to left. Some of our team was out side looking in and they seen the figure as well.


The Preacher had reached the final doorway and prayed over the room. He then told this spirit it must go now, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Now remember, Melinda said that she thought she was possessed, but throughout the whole time we spent there, she hadn’t given us any sign that she was possessed.


After the blessing of Melinda’s home, the atmosphere was not the same at all. The air was not heavy and we didn’t feel the evil surrounding us any longer.


As the Preacher and I walked out to the front porch to greet Melinda, we thought we were done. We said our goodbyes and were getting packed and ready to go.


The Preacher said goodbye to Melinda and then she shocked us all…


Her answer to the Preachers goodbye was “I want to fucking kill you!”


This was not the same Melinda that we had interviewed earlier. Her body began to move as if she felt something crawling on herself. She started cussing and calling the Preacher names. Her voice began to crack and eventually it wasn’t even her voice anymore.


We struggled to get her to her couch in her living room. Once we managed to pull her in and set her down, she began to shake and throw her hair forward, almost covering her whole face. Her voice was that of a demon…it was not human anymore.


The team surrounded her and began to ask questions, I asked “Melinda, please touch my cross” her response was a very wicked sounding “FUCK YOU!”


The Preacher started praying over her; afterwards he began the process of deliverance.


He started calling on this demon to make its self known. Melinda began to fight and throw her body around. Her face was contorted and she talked in voices that were not English. One voice was deep and threatening; another voice was high pitched and continually bragged about how Melinda belonged to it.


After a long exhausting bout with the demons that controlled her, it finally began to budge. The Preacher reached over and drew the cross on Melinda’s forehead. Her body rumbled and the voices screamed out as if they were in pain. Then the Preacher demanded, in the name of Christ, for this demon to let go of Melinda, but it wouldn’t.


The demonic force that controlled her continued to say things like “she is mine” and “This bitch is worthless.”


Melinda continued to fight as well, we could hear her voice coming through and we could tell she was scared and didn’t know what to do.


Time slowly passed by but the Preacher was making headway. Each time that he mentioned the all powerful name of Jesus Christ, the demon spirit trembled with fear.


As the preacher continually prayed over her, you could feel that this evil was being defeated.


We had our paranormal tools lined up on the table in front of Melinda. All of the sudden they started going crazy, the EMF meters were pegged out to the highest limit they could go. The energy began to change dramatically.


The Preacher warned us that this evil spirit was getting ready to exit Melinda’s body. He told us to stand clear and open the door. He prayed over her and demanded this spirit to leave out the front door and to never return.


Melinda started to dry heave; she bent over in an awkward position and continued to heave. This demon was exiting her body!


In the blink of an eye, it was gone! The atmosphere was clean, the room felt safe and Melinda was normal again. She lifted her head and looked around and then she said “I feel like I’ve been in a fight.” The Preacher said “You have!”


Melinda had no recollection of anything that had happened that night. That probably is a good thing. Melinda was happy and overjoyed and for the first time in a long time she was free.


This is the most memorable case that SRS has ever worked on. We were able to help get rid of an evil that had overcome a woman. Most of all we were able to help her put her life back on track. She still to this day writes us and tells us that we saved her life. I give all the glory to God, that demon was no match for the all powerful name of Jesus Christ!

                                           SRS is a proud member of the Paranormal Resource Alliance

The member organizations of the Paranormal Resource Alliance have agreed to adhere to a professional code of ethics and standards in the scientifically based study of paranormal phenomena. We pride ourselves in sharing the necessary resources to provide thorough investigations to our members and the public.



SRS was proud to be on the front page of the "The Dispatch" newspaper of Lexington NC!! Here is the picture they used. It features founder Michael Lane (right) with fellow investigator Cole Taylor (left). They are at the infamous Old Brian Center building. A place that is known to be haunted.



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